What is is a simple service born out of a basic problem people who enjoy sharing music. Say, Nic and Marc enjoy the same type of music, but since Nic uses Apple Music and Marc uses Spotify… They can’t seamlessly share tracks with each other with a single link. Imagine you’re sharing a track across a group of 10 friends and the problem is amplified. breaks through this simple barrier of music sharing, by providing a single link you can share with your peers no matter which streaming service they use. Share a link with peers and they’ll be able to listen to the track on Apple Music, Spotify, Google Music*, Deezer, Bandcamp* and* as they wish.

In addition to the site, also has incredible Slack integration which allows your entire team to share music with a single Slack Command, helping build culture and wasting less time!

That’s all there is to it. If there’s any service we’re missing which you cannot live without, let me know via the form below. In fact if you have any feedback for the service, drop me a line.

Enjoy, and don’t be sad, Marc.

* Services marked with an asterisk mean that there’s no API access and therefore we can only link to search results on that service.